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Gedenk de goede tijden van zuiverheid en kracht.

And this the Dutchman knows...

1 April
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This journal has been created to keep my rants about my private life seperate from a completely different topic: My love for the history of the Netherlands.

In terms of the people, events, innovations and conflicts, no history interests me more than that of the Netherlands. Of course, being a Netherlander myself I might be somewhat biased in my appreciation for it.

So what is there to say? I myself am a 23 year old 'Amsterdammer' who hopes to continue with studying history when finances, time and personal circumstances will allow it. Until such time I am working on a project which charters certain events which took place in the 17th century, concerning the fall of the Republic of the Seven Provinces and the return of the house of Orange. It is my perhaps not so modest dream to one day write a book about this subject as a historian, and show (if my assumptions prove correct) that the until now believed innocent William III was in fact instrumental in the assassination of the brothers Johan and Cornelis de Witt and the death of Michiel de Ruyter. That said, this livejournal is here to document what I've read and discovered so far, and I will greatly appreciate input and advice on how to tackle this project.

Hoping you will enjoy this livejournal, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

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